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Corporate Overview

Almetsan, founded in 1985, is a leading company in the industry with its constant expansion of the innovative product and service offerings since the first day. Almetsan’s success in following and adapting innovations in engineering and technology pave the way for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and a stronger position in the market.

Almetsan strives to make large-scale investments in order to guarantee compliance with the internationally acknowledged standards for new and innovative products that are added to the portfolio. The right design, the right engineering, compliance with highest quality standards and commitment to the principles of total efficiency are essential features of each and every product and service offered by Almetsan.

The high-quality, project-specific and affordable products of Almetsan, are used in many construction projects including shopping malls, factories, sports facilities, cultural facilities, hotels, hospitals, housing, bridges, power plants, airport buildings. Almetsan offers its customers a wide range of products:

  • Standing Seam Systems
  • Trapezoidal Sheets for Roof and Wall
  • Cladding Accessories
  • Industrial Gutters
  • Composite Floor Deck
  • Cold-formed Structural Steel Profiles
  • Steel Studs for Gypsumboard Partition Wall
  • Steel Studs for Gypsumboard Suspended Ceiling

Almetsan offers high quality and problem-free services to standard applications in the construction industry with its generic products through its extensive product portfolio, flexible manufacturing capacity and efficient management. Moreover, Almetsan outperform in the market with tailor-made products designed for specific projects which offer economic, functional, aesthetic and innovative solutions to designers and project owners.

Our product offerings in composite floor decking and cold-formed structural steel profiles enable distinctive additional capabilities to steel building design which distinguish from conventional building design and allow creation of distinctive and innovative architectural structures. Our roofing and cladding products provide feasible and advantegous solutions to project owners and customers for green roofs, large-span roofs, space trusses, membrane roofs and for roofs exposed to heavy load and high traffic.

Almetsan is well renowned for high-quality, reliability and industrial leadership in all its activities and product offerings. Almetsan makes significant contribution to the community and environment through industrial developments with sustainable growth vision.

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