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Our Quality Policy

Quality management system of Almetsan is designed to run management and production functions in an effective and efficient way in light of a fully customer-oriented mentality. Participation of all employees, top management support, close relations with stakeholders, the use of best available techniques and total quality in compliance with international standards are milestones of the quality management system.

There are two inseparable efforts on the basis of our quality policy. Within the scope of process improvement, we improve our software, hardware and work force allowing us to use our technical knowledge and experience more efficiently. This way, we constantly increase our operational efficiency and quality performance on the basis of our processes. Within the scope of New Product Development, we strive to provide performance and price optimizations beyond the existing products and technologies, to add a much greater value to our current supply chain.

The factors which make Almetsan an industry benchmark and a pioneer in the construction industry are our values within the scope of total quality management system and our success in implementing them.

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