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Environmental Responsibilities

Almetsan looks for eco-responsible and eco-friendly solutions that go beyond mere compliance with the national and international law and regulations. We evaluate and scrutinize our processes continuously with this perspective and strive to find space for improvements.

Through investments in high-tech products and production, Almetsan targets to render the responsible use of natural resources. We implement a comprehensive environmental management system in order to minimize our impact on the environment due to our commercial activities.

We strive to adopt the principle of environmentalist approach in all our actions as one of our major responsibilities. Almetsan takes advantage of both technology and education to increase environmental awareness and ensure environmental progress.

As part of our business model, we manufacture to order and thus increase the efficiency of raw material use. Within the scope of product development program, we enhance product performance while reducing the use of raw materials. Therefore, our economic development is not dependent on the use of natural resources. Almetsan's responsible use of natural resources, Almetsan products of greater strength and flexible design keep up the momentum in construction industry enabling an economic progress which is more eco-responsible.

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