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Environment, Safety and Health

Almetsan runs a comprehensive EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Program in order to avoid any pollution, danger or accident because of its operations. In all processes, the first and foremost priority is conditions of respect to environment, occupational health and safety. Each and every level of Almetsan management pledges to fulfill all the legal obligations of EHS and go much beyond that.

Almetsan management believes that all accidents can be avoided. Our success in EHS comes from speed and decisiveness to identify risks and proactively take actions prior to any incident of accident, harm. The performance of plans and compliance with standards are closely monitored, EHS program is updated in light of new information, technology and conditions. By plans and actions, it is aimed to create a safe working environment for all employees and related parties. We expect that every employee performs his/her job without exposing risk or harm to anyone else or environment. Furthermore, we strive to improve efficiency of raw material consumption and minimize environmental impact of company operations and pioneer in best-practices to achieve performance levels beyond the standards defined by legal authorities.

HSE program is run by conscious, well-trained, highly-motivated team members who feel responsible for all risks and behave decisive to take proactive actions. Each and every team member regardless of hierarchical position is obliged to fulfill his/her responsibilities defined within the frames of EHS. These responsibilities cover elimination of dangers if authorized to do so, or informing the authorized people, contributing to all means of identifying risks and taking proactive actions.

Continuity in EHS program, total awareness, not compromising from the principles of EHS and commitment to EHS at every level of organization is the inseparable part of the work ethic and culture in Almetsan.

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