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Corporate Values

Customer Oriented
Almetsan, since the beginning, operates with the single effort of generating value for customers with its extending business knowledge, strong team and production capacity. We meet the critical customer demands by offering the fastest and the most economical solutions by means of utilizing an efficient and flexible management and production system.

Our Total Quality Management approach, to which all our employees and business partners strongly commit, aims to provide customer satisfaction and go beyond. Almetsan, best renowned for its transparency and honesty in the industry, is bound to fulfill all promises and commitments and does not get engaged with promises which can not be accomplished. Almetsan, a long-term and reliable business partner, provides the highest quality products and customer-oriented services.

As the trendsetter in the industry, key to success is our ability and efficiency in turning our knowledge, resources and high technology into product diversity, high quality products and services.

We closely follow the innovative and technological developments in our industry and beyond, worldwide. We continuously leverage these innovative and technological developments for the creation of clever solutions to meet customer needs. We do not hesitate to make bold investments as a pioneer in the industry, to meet and exceed the customer needs. Our actions and investments are driven by the responsibility of being a worldwide renowned brand.

We have the qualified human resources and the best equipment to utilize our know-how and resources most efficiently during operation. We enhance our potential systematically by creating opportunities for our team to improve professional skills and by improving the technologies we use.

We question our processes continuously, and keep taking actions constantly by utilizing professional performance measurement systems in order to improve our processes. We aim to achieve better and more beyond the borders of our time by right management practices, high motivation and work discipline in light of our innovative and perfectionist tradition.

We provide the highest quality products and services; and always strive to be at least one step ahead in competition globally with innovative solutions to meet the unmet customer needs. We continuously question our work and performance and look for change and a way of creating difference through our corporate practices. We work hard to improve our business model, human capital and technological capabilities in order to sustain our leadership.

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