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Social Responsibilities

Beyond our commercial activities, our decisions and actions are always in line with our social responsibilities. First of all, we primarily feel responsible for our team members. Beyond that, our social responsibility is to contribute to development of all stakeholders, the community and environment in which we operate.

We provide a safe and reliable working platform and further opportunities to our team members so that they can leap forward in their professional and personal development. Almetsan implements a proactive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management system and HSE principles are the most important preliminaries of all work processes. We pursue to constantly develop HSE Management system in order to safeguard health of our employees and to assure their welfare.

Rather than waiting solely for directions and instructions, we encourage our team members to take individual initiative and responsibility within the frame of their competency and expertise. We create a base for developing the leadership of our team members at every level of our organization. We invest significant resources to create mutual goals for all team members and in training our team members so that they will improve their personal and professional skills.

Our well-trained, highly motivated employees are the milestone of meeting and exceeding our sustainability goals. Therefore, we provide a work environment that respects and promotes human rights in order to improve our workforce productivity. We appreciate the differences and work for generating maximum value out of it.

Our goal is to leverage the educational and cultural level of not only our team members but also the community we are living in. We strive to transform the way of doing business in common through our way of doing business. We support local business and education activities in order to improve the local living standards. Almetsan contributes to industry-related and national education programs in order to support progress of the society. Almetsan acts an important role in development and launch of such projects and aims to lead such activities to maximum possible extent.

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