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Acoustic Panels


Type : Acoustic applications
Perforation Patterns : Specific to project specifications
Material : Aluminum, prepainted aluminum, galvanized steel, prepainted galvanized steel, stainless steel

Acoustic panels are applied as interior facings of multi-layer walls, roofs and ceilings for their high sound insulation coefficients. Acoustic panels improve the service quality of buildings such as sports halls, production halls, conference halls and commercial facilities.

Acoustics panels are trapezoidal profiles with high load-bearing capacity and improved acoustic performance. The perforation patterns on acoustic profiles are project specific in order to meet the requirements of the project specifications. Almetsan offers different perforation patterns, variable allocation of perforation slots and different perforation slot size options to the preference of architect and designers of acoustics applications. Acoustic panels have the same coating and corrosion resistance options like the standard trapezoidal sheets.

Acoustic profiles are manufactured from coil-coated galvanized steel sheet with high anti-corrosion resistance and durability and improved aesthetical outlook. Acoustics profiles have applicable production thickness range of 0,50-1,20 mm and maximum production length is 16 meters.