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Galvanizing Profiles and Gutters


Type : Galvanizing Profiles and Gutters
Maximum Length : 8 m

Numerous profiles of different sections are deployed in building details in order to pursue architectural and structural functions. Such profiles are manufactured to custom order specific to special requirement of a specific project. Almetsan manufactures to order such profiles which will embody the specifics of building design and its requirements. C profiles, U profiles, Z profiles and Omega Profiles are used as auxiliary purlins or girts in multilayered roof and facade claddings. Applicable production thicknesses are 0,50-3,00mm for galvanized steel and 0,50-1,20mm for coil-coated galvanized steel.

Gutters make one of the critical points in every building for their functional and aesthetical purposes. Gutter sections vary from one another based on building design, project, building size and climate conditions. Almetsan-made Gutters are from galvanized steel and yield structural and high corrosion resistance. Almetsan gutters are made specific to client order from galvanized steel between 1,00-3,00mm with lengths tailor-made to any building. Gutters are manufactured up to 8 meters length in order to minimize joints.