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Radiusform Panel


Type : Radius Form Panel
Maximum Length : İstenilen Boyutta Üretim

Cladding systems which are going to be used in creative building designs should supply appropriate accessory solutions that will distinguish from the classical accessories. Almetsan radius form and trapezoidal sheet by-products developed and manufactured for these types of requirements help buildings have outstanding outlooks. Radius-forms that are manufactured according to trapezoidal sheets can be used at convex or concave edges with a radius of at least 200 mm. Coil-coated steel is turned into trapezoidal sheets by means of roll-form technology and then the sheets are bent according to the angle and radius measurements that will satisfy the project details.

One of the places in which Almetsan radius forms are frequently used is arc roofs. Radius form sheets manufactured according to specific project needs makes cladding of arc roofs with single skin or double skin systems very easy and ensure impermeability. In order to be able to manufacture radius forms as one piece, arc roof should meet the following standards:

Max L: 14m / Max a: 2.1m / Max R: 10m